Here's another super fun, super cute first birthday cake smash session on the beach in Lavallette!  This time it just so happens to be my BFF and her totally gorgeous family.  They came all the way down to the shore, and braved the pending storm, and it paid off yet again!  JT you would always ask me 'how do you know what to do' when it came to babies, and I think it's pretty safe to say that I was right...and you figure it out!  You are doing such an amazing job as a mommy and it's been a pleasure to call you guys my friends and watch little Hailey {my future daughter-in-law} grow.  I also have your husband to thank for teaching my boys how to cheers, he's so awesome!  Can't wait to see what the next year brings.  Happy birthday to you all, Enjoy!  :) jacnjules_lavallette_nj_beach_first_birthday_cake_smash_photographerjacnjules_lavallette_nj_beach_first_birthday_cake_smash_photographerjacnjules_lavallette_nj_beach_first_birthday_cake_smash_photographerjacnjules_lavallette_nj_beach_first_birthday_cake_smash_photographerjacnjules_lavallette_nj_beach_first_birthday_cake_smash_photographerjacnjules_lavallette_nj_beach_first_birthday_cake_smash_photographerjacnjules_lavallette_nj_beach_first_birthday_cake_smash_photographerjacnjules_lavallette_nj_beach_first_birthday_cake_smash_photographerjacnjules_lavallette_nj_beach_first_birthday_cake_smash_photographerjacnjules_lavallette_nj_beach_first_birthday_cake_smash_photographerjacnjules_lavallette_nj_beach_first_birthday_cake_smash_photographerjacnjules_lavallette_nj_beach_first_birthday_cake_smash_photographer