We wanted to put together some tips for a successful family photo shoot to help you prepare and get the most from your session. 1. Think about what you want to do with your photos before the session takes place.

It's a good idea to let the photographer know ahead of time.  Maybe your looking for photos to hang in your formal dining room or in the family room, and in that case, we might suggest you wear something a little more formal or casual to match the mood in the room.  You might have your heart set on a nice family heirloom; an album… Whatever the case is, your photographer can better prepare your session and your final gallery of images to cater to what you need.

2.  Coordinate the outfits.

Since the women are the most picky, find an outfit that looks great on you (Mom) or the little girls first.  Boys tend to have solid shirts and jeans that will go with almost anything the girls wear.  Adding layers and textures will add interest to your photos, as well as any accessories that will fit the scene (sunglasses, scarves, chunky jewelry, etc.).  Keep in mind that not everybody has to be all matchy-matchy and wear the same color top.  Also, DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE SHOES!  Having the right shoes will really pull everything together.  Or you can always go barefoot. ;)  Most importantly,make sure you are comfortable…or better yet, the kids.  Check out our what to wear guide for some more ideas.


3.  Be sure to leave plenty of time to get ready.

Moms are usually the ones running around like crazy, trying to get everybody ready (even Dad!) and the last thing you want is to be running late and leave something behind, or worse, have no time for yourself to get ready!  If a family were to show up to a session rushed and disorganized, it might set the tone for a rushed and disorganized session because it could be hard for you to relax.  It may be fun to get your hair and makeup done in the morning, come home feeling confident and ready to take the day by storm. :)

4.  Add personal items/props to your session.

While I don't think props should be used throughout your entire session, we are all for photographing a theme, or even better, something sentimental to your family.  If you like to cuddle up with a good book, we're totally down for that and we'll bring a blanket and find a nice spot under a tree.  If your son loves to play with his action figures, bring them!  Want to have ice cream down at the shore?  Rent an ice cream truck or you can hot foot it to the nearest ice cream shop.  Anything that will tell you more about who you are right now and what you're into, is something you will really appreciate having photographed years down the road.


5.  Act naturally.

Not everyone has to be looking and smiling at the camera at all times.  Things will begin to unfold during your session and the best photographs are often the ones where everyone is engaged with EACH OTHER, instead of the photographer.  When Johnny looks up at you, instead of saying through your teeth "look at the camera and smile", look down at him smiling.  Let the moments happen naturally.  A good photographer will know when to photograph what, and will tell you when they need everyone looking at the camera, so just roll with it.


We hope this post will help you in some way when planing your next photo session!  If you have any other tips that would help, we'd love to hear them!  Leave a comment below!  And don't forget to hit "like" to let us know you were here!  Peace! :)