We were pumped when we found out we'd be heading to Hoboken, NJ to photograph Alexis Romano, Isagenix master, sweetheart, and all around superstar.  Ciji, my BFF's sister, was kind enough to let me know that not only did she recommend us, but was constantly reminding me that she was telling Alexis how fun we were, and how funny  and sarcastic I always am.  Talk about pressure!!!  Yes, in High School, I'm sure you're sister and I were just hysterical, and when We have a cocktail on our 'break' funny, but with all this backstory...What was a girl to do?!  Relax.  Knowing that Alexis wasn't thrilled about being in front of the lens I figured I could get over my anxiety too.  And we did.  And it was amazing :)  Be sure to check out her websites (www.healthbodyandsoul.com & www.alexisromano.com), contact her, bookmark her, because when you're ready to make a change, this is the girl you want to know!  Enjoy beautiful!