Ohhhh I can't wait to meet this little guy!  Mom and Dad were so much fun to photograph at Double Trouble.  In case you haven't heard, we are now offering a complimentary mini maternity session with a booked newborn session...and they were our first!  They found the banner on etsy, brought the babies shoes, a book, the chalkboard, and a sonogram picture.  After this session, I thought of another idea I can't wait to try!  Who will be next??  ;)

double-trouble-state-park-maternity-jacnjules-photo.jpg double-trouble-state-park-maternity-02-jacnjules-photo.jpg ocean-county-maternity-photographer-jacnjules-photo.jpg ocean-county-maternity-photographer-02-jacnjules-photo.jpg ocean-county-maternity-photographer-03-jacnjules-photo.jpg ocean-county-maternity-photographer-04-jacnjules-photo.jpg jac&jules_0410 ocean-county-maternity-photographer-05-jacnjules-photo.jpg double-trouble-state-park-maternity-photographer-05-jacnjules-photo.jpg jac&jules_0413