Choosing a getting ready location for your wedding day might be easy if there is someplace special to you such as the home you grew up in, but if you are looking for the best options and tips, you’ve come to the right place!

Bride getting ready in natural light for her Bay Head Yacht Club wedding

MAKE SURE IT IS SPACIOUS ENOUGH WITH LOTS OF WINDOWS! Natural light can be so soft and beautiful indoors so having lots of window light while you get ready will ensure you get gorgeous photos in all corners of the room. Speaking of corners, see if the hotel has a corner suite available. Having light coming from more than one direction can create lighting with more dimension making everyone look fabulous. If you have lots of room to spread out, the backgrounds will likely be blurry to avoid distracting elements and it will give you more places to take photos!

FIND SOMEWHERE IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO YOUR VENUE. Less drive time means more time for photos. You wouldn’t have to worry about hitting too much traffic, arriving late to the next destination, etc.

STAY CLOSE TO THE GUYS. The guys don’t take as long as the girls to get ready, and there’s usually a lot more going on at the girls (i.e. hair, makeup, etc.). The way we usually work this part of the day is one photographer is with the guys for about an hour before heading over to the other photographer to help photograph the girls. This ensures we get multiple angles and focal lengths when the Bride gets dressed which is especially helpful if we are pressed for time. Getting ready at the same venue or hotel can be super helpful in getting you the most out of your photography when it comes to this portion of the day. We’ve even had a couple rent a beach house where the bride was on one floor and the groom on the other!

bride gets ready for her wedding at the breakers in spring lake nj

That’s about it! Those three things are key in making sure you get great photos getting ready on your wedding day! Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out or leave a comment!

Interested to see what the getting ready process looks like for us and how to make the most of it on your wedding day? Check out our next post!