Meet Connor (for like, the 5th  We did his first birthday session at Beachwood Beach, that's about the only place Mom and Dad haven't had a session around here!  Lol..  I swear, I could photograph this kid all day everyday.  He is always so happy!  And just as cool as his parents.  ;)  We've been photographing these guys since Mom and Dad got engaged, so they are definitely part of the jnj family now!  So honored to be chosen to photograph all the important things in their life.  =)  I had to post one of his newborn pics at the bottom, too.  Love seeing how much they've grown.  :)  Mom got lots of cute outfits for this session..the sock monkey set was from Cally Findlay on Etsy, the pinstripe outfit was from fourtinycousins on Etsy, and the cake smash outfit was from freshsqueezedbaby, also on Etsy.  Oh, you may or may not notice but I did a new black and white on some of these photos...kinda more of an old film look to it...what do ya think?