These guys are always looking for bigger and better, and this year was certainly no exception!  Mom decorated full size trees in the yard, may or may not have sold her soul for a radio flyer wagon, and even bought a sweeeeeet snow machine!  We may have enjoyed that last one more than the child, but no one enjoyed it as much as the dog.  Eating suds and jumping wildly around can't be good for the belly though, so I hope mom  (or her carpet) wasn't paying for that later!  Loved experimenting with all the new things, especially with this familiar face.  Oh, and best part of the session ever, Not to gossip (ok, I'm gossiping) but this serious cutie has taken quite the liking to our lovely Jules.   Couldn't even get him to say Julia farted!  He would only make fun of me, or laugh when I was being hit. When left to my own devices while Jules grabbed something from the car,  I asked him to say 'I love Julia', and instead of being the shy embarrassed kid, he said it proudly, smiled, and I used that for the rest of the session, lol.  How stinking cute is that?!  Like I said though, this is one cool cat.  Enjoy!