Okay, so we were a little bit nervous when we first met with this couple and they told us about their Coptic wedding ceremony.  We had never heard of it, let alone photographed one, and needless to say she had some expectations...as most brides do!  I can say now that I am soooo happy that we got to do this...it was THEE most BEAUTIFUL ceremony EVER!  And so easy to photograph!  It was almost like the photography was literally part of the ceremony!  Everybody was so helpful in telling us what was going to happen next and even allowing us up on the alter.  Every part of this wedding was beautiful..even the venue, which was at The Manor in West, Orange, NJ.  Love it there and the food is always amazing!!  Her hair, makeup, dress...all gorgeous and elegant!  Hair and makeup was done by Skin Bar Paint & Hair Studio in Little Falls, Nj, and I can at least tell you the makeup artist's name, Jillyan Scarpa (Sorry to the hairdresser!  I never got her name!).  We hope you enjoy looking through these photos as much as we enjoyed photographing them!  =)