As challenging as large families can be when there are MANY little kiddos, I will say again that they are my absolute FAVORITE!  Grandparents, parents, siblings, children, cousins, always a different dynamic with each family, and always fun!  The navy and coral color palette they chose worked so beautifully at Holmdel Park. Note: permits are now required, even for family sessions, at the Monmouth County Parks and start at $40 for an hour.  Hope these bring a smile to your face... I can't seem to stop smiling as I put this post together!  Enjoy! :large family of grandparents, siblings, cousins, grandchildren in coral and navy at Holmdel Parkcandid black and white photo family of 6 in Holmdel Park.candid outtakes from extended family session at Holmdel Park.Family of 4 in coral and navy at Holmdel of 3 in coral and navy at Holmdel Park.grand parents with children and grandchildren, generations.couples black and white photos from extended family session.individual headshot of all the grandchildren from extended family sessionextended family walking in the park.Don't forget to 'like' this post and let us know you were here!