The weather just was not working in our favor that day.  Windy, that constant misty rain that's just enough to get you wet without it actually pouring...and someone stole our sandals we left on top of the beach!  Who does that?!  They were my favorite ones and this Mom's were expensive...and I have yet to see anyone with the same pair of sandals as me all year, but summer, I'll see someone wearing them and think they're mine!  Lol!  So anyways, Mom had 2 good ideas;  the first one was to maybe take some shots on the boardwalk instead of the beach since it's a little covered and the rain wouldn't be too much of an issue.  There were sooooo many people on the boardwalk, which normally I'd say is cool and we could use that in our favor, but not really for an extended family session, so we only took one shot and said let's hot-foot it back to the beach.  Why else was that such a good idea???  Because Seaside Heights caught fire a week later!  How crazy is that?!  Next brilliant idea...they brought kites.  Once we got what we needed for poses, we just played around on the beach while the kids ran around with their kites on a windy day..and yes, it did eventually stop raining.  I have to say, all in all, I'm really glad this family stuck it out in that kind of weather.  There are so many people who think they should cancel because it's too windy, or when it says 30% chance of rain and it's still 5 hours before their session (Jersey weather is so fickle!  It can change in an instant and the weather man won't even know about it!).  Enjoy the pics..we sure enjoyed taking them!  :)