Something that I love about a Communion session is that we get all the energy and personality of a child but all dressed up like a little bride!  It was a little chilly in Spring Lake in early April, with not much going on for flowers and greenery so we decided to head to the library.  It turned out beautifully, and they even had some pretty flowers planted for us ;)  These sisters interacted so naturally in front of the camera that it shines through in the photos, and you can tell that they really are best friends.  We are lucky to have worked with yet another lovely family.  Congrats and enjoy!communion girl with rosary beads.communion girl with rosary beads.communion girl with her little sistercommunion girl with familycommunion girl.communion girlcandid photo of communion girl telling a secret to her little sister, laughing.communion girl with rosary, cross.communion girl with familyLikes and comments people ;)