How stinking adorable is all the gorgeous blonde hair on this handsome little fella?!  We are so lucky!  He may have resisted a little bit at first but after getting some hugs and snuggles from the family... and some, ahem, 'magic potion' from mom he was putty in our hands.  Mom's blue and green scarf also made for an excellent prop.  It's so much fun finding personal items to use in our clients' photos.  Congratulations to a wonderful family on the birth of a beautiful baby boy!  Enjoy!newborn baby boy with dad and family in parents room and on bednursery details for newborn baby boy roomnewborn baby boynewborn baby boy in elephant hat and gray wrapnewborn baby boy on blue backgroundnewborn baby boy in newspaper print triangle hat with draped wrapnewborn baby boy with his big sisternewborn baby boy wrapped in moms blue and green scarfnewborn baby boy with mom and wrapped in her scarfLikes and comments let us know you dig what we're doing ;)