It is my honor to introduce Hailey Noelle!  These photos were taken at her home in Lodi, NJ with her little pooch pal Penny keeping a watchful eye on her the whole session.  Her mom just so happens to be one of my favorite people in the whole world, and I am so thrilled for her and her hubby.  We've always had a hard time believing that we're real grown-ups.  Well JT, the time has finally come.  Although we still can't believe we've graduated, or are engaged, or married, or pregnant, or moms...we are!!!  And you better get used to it!  This little girl loves to sleep almost as much as her mama, which totally worked in my favor ;)  Daddy was amazing too, he's already so great with kids.   Hailey is one lucky little lady that she gets him all to herself.  She's is already sticking up for herself too.  When daddy posted an picture of her from, shall we say, a 'not-so-flattering" angle, she quickly retaliated by quietly waiting until mommy was out of the way, and blasting him.  Oh boy, I think I'm still on his shit list (pun intended) for that!  I love you guys, and this little sweetheart so much and am so happy for you and my future daughter-in-law ;)  Enjoy! Headband from Snippets :)

Bonnet from Little Blue Bird :)