Where do I even begin to tell you about these holiday family photos and how it came about?!  First of all, we've worked with them before and they are always such a joy to photograph and this time was definitely no different.  Well back in August my computer crashed.  Yes, hard drive failed (gotta love Apple for not telling me it was recalled!)  While I make sure I back up all of our clients files, I wasn't so careful with my personal pictures.  I just thought to myself "this is a fairly new computer, so they'll be safe until I can get another hard drive" (and boy am I a procrastinator!).  It happened and I cried my eyes out when Apple told me the hard drive was not recoverable.  I searched for some places online to send it to, which would have cost me thousands of dollars, then posted something on Facebook asking if anybody did that.  I got a response and immediately contacted him.  He (Jeff) went out of his way and met me on his way home from work since he was just closing up shop when I called and gave him the hard drive.  Then chanted "please, please, please, please" the whole ride home.  Lol.  I started losing hope when about 4 days passed, but then I get a call in the middle of the week and he said he tried one last thing after a handful of failures, and something is starting to transfer!  Like, OMG!  I almost fell to the floor, for real.  Those were all my kids' pictures for the past 4+ years.  All the memories of pumpkin picking, first days of school, birthdays, seaside (which we all know is changing as time goes on!), and sooooo many other countless family outings and portraits.  First of all, I am a photographer, and rarely print my own pictures.  I think that since they are on the computer and Facebook for me to look at, I technically have them, right?  Wrong.  Anything can happen and go wrong when it comes to technology.  So now that things are winding down for j&j, my new years resolution is to take some time to work on my personal stuff, print them, and take better care of them like I do for j&j!  People, when you purchase the disc from us, I can only hope that you are backing them up onto a flash drive (which you can get form Staples for under $10!).  Don't even rely on DVD's or CD's.  They can rot after 5 years.  And please, PrInT tHeM!  So if you are ever in a situation like this, I HIGHLY recommend you contact Jeff at My Laptop Repairman.  Tell him we sent ya!  So glad I got to return the favor and give him something priceless in return.  =)freehold-family-photographer-01-jacnjules-photo.jpgfreehold-family-photographer-02-jacnjules-photo.jpgfreehold-family-photographer-03-jacnjules-photo.jpgfreehold-family-photographer-04-jacnjules-photo.jpgfreehold-family-photographer-05-jacnjules-photo.jpgfreehold-family-photographer-06-jacnjules-photo.jpgfreehold-family-photographer-07-jacnjules-photo.jpgfreehold-family-photographer-08-jacnjules-photo.jpgfreehold-family-photographer-09-jacnjules-photo.jpgfreehold-family-photographer-10-jacnjules-photo.jpgfreehold-family-photographer-11-jacnjules-photo.jpgfreehold-family-photographer-12-jacnjules-photo.jpgfreehold-family-photographer-13-jacnjules-photo.jpgfreehold-family-photographer-14-jacnjules-photo.jpgfreehold-family-photographer-15-jacnjules-photo.jpgfreehold-family-photographer-16-jacnjules-photo.jpgfreehold-family-photographer-17-jacnjules-photo.jpgfreehold-family-photographer-18-jacnjules-photo.jpgfreehold-family-photographer-19-jacnjules-photo.jpgfreehold-family-photographer-20-jacnjules-photo.jpg We found this frame laying by the fence and had to use it!  The kids' expressions are hysterical!!!