Oh.My.Goodness.  First baby girl we've shot this year!  And how pretty is she?!  We have been waiting and waiting (and waiting some more) for one to come around since we stocked up on some new props and things for girls, and all we've had was boys!  So once we heard they were expecting a girl, I was about ready to jump out of my skin as the due date approached.  Luckily for me, (and Mom) she arrived right on time..haha.  She was so good, too, throughout the entire session!  I think we only stopped shooting once for her to eat.  Beautiful nursery, beautiful baby, and beautiful family.  I couldn't ask for more.  :)   All these tieback headbands are from Emmy Blue Handmade, with the exception of the boho tieback which is from Sweet Em's Boutique.  The bonnet is from Knitting Neighbors.