Ahhh the winter.  Although I hope and pray and wish for Spring to come faster every single day, there is one thing that I like about the 'off' season... the time OFF!  My parents are in the lawn care business, so luckily for me, they have a lot more free time too.  My mom spent a lot of hers getting ready for this adorable easter brunch she had for us.  The kids look forward to her egg hunt every year, but we 'adults' (I feel like I'm still not a real adult) are psyched because of the home made bagels and croissants!  There were a lot of fun times this winter, especially the first Disney trip (that'll have to wait for another post), but this was the most recent.  I can't thank my mom enough for all the time she spent perfecting the details of this Easter Brunch for my family.  And Pinterest... I'd also like to thank Pinterest ;)  Enjoy!  <3 jac *had to include this one from our house... just b/c of the shirt!

adult game :) Sign art courtesy of Meem.
Slip!  Well that's what my niece Mila wants to name the new baby.  She is unwavering in her decision, so if Mommy and Daddy can't make up their mind... I think Slip works! They should tell you the shiny ones have dollars before you start the hunt!The ins and outs of a fruit roll-up... very interesting.my faves of the dayAnd Miles is riding without training wheels!!!!!!!  The laying on the ground... that's what Uncle Joe told him to do after a long hard ride... around the cul-de-sac ;)