I was seriously counting down the days until this trash the dress session was here.  There is nothing better than no restrictions when shooting a someone in their wedding gown!  The lovely Renee Mazza from Your Favorite Stylist did her hair and makeup (you can find her on Facebook, too!).  She is so affordable and I thought she did a great job!  Well, we weren't letting a little rain stop us..poor Jessica was traveling from an hour away and although it was only supposed to rain for about an hour, you know how the weather man can be.  Unpredictable.  I was hopeful and everything went on as planned...and we couldn't be happier with the end result!  At one point Jess thought she was stung by a jelly fish..lol.  Not really funny, but I thought not all of them stung so I coaxed her back in the water.  Hopefully she didn't, because I would feel really bad!  Lol!  Even if she did, it's only a little pain for a short while, right?  Right?!  Somebody agree with me.  Well, my guess is it was all worth it.  =) She wasn't playin' around when she said she was trashing it!  :P