Soooo...we've got a few announcements to make!!  And we're really excited..can't ya tell?!  Last year was an amazing year for us and we really want to thank our fans on Facebook for all the likes, comments, support and referrals!  It's where it all started and we got to meet so many new families along the way and we've been taken all over the place.  I've been looking back at all of our sessions this year, and with every single session, I can see a moment that makes me genuinely happy..and it's probably because I was there and we've got to know our families so well, but it's probably that same moment that makes them smile when they look back, too! It's an amazing feeling knowing you can do that for somebody!  =)  

jacnjules-new jersey family photographer-photo


First's a big ready??...


Jac & Jules are going to be offering "Private Mini Sessions"!  Woot-woot!  That's huuuggee!  Now you won’t have to sacrifice the quality and style of Jac & Jules photography…yay!!  As a custom photographer, so much time goes into each client and every session that it doesn't come cheap (even time spent not taking pictures!).  On the other hand, we feel that everybody should be able to have nice, quality portraits done by a professional for any occasion (new outfits and missing teeth count!  Lol.)  This is great for an updated picture, maybe a gift for the grandparents, document a milestone, head shots for your business card or website...or for no reason at all!  We will continue to hold our mini session events in the Spring and Fall (thinking of going up north this Spring!) which will offer an even better value.  Make sure you "like" us on Facebook where we usually announce our events first..they fill up fast!  Want to know how to earn your way to a free session?  Contact us to get all the details.  :)




Next announcement.  In our down time, we like to search for new vendors who might be offering something new and try them out.  We found a couple.  ;)  We found a new vendor for canvases and they offer clusters!  A cluster is essentially a wall display.  If you've ever been to us, you'll know that we design wall displays to offer ideas on how to display your individual wall portraits at home (see an example below).  Well, this vendor offers them at a discount to us, so we are going to discount them for you!  How cool is that?!  We also have a few new card styles to choose from...tri-fold boutique, and flat boutique (they come in all kinds of shapes!).  You can see some samples in the photos below of our holiday cards we sent out-which we got soooo many compliments on, btw!!  We'll also have a bigger selection of albums that we can't wait to show you. :)








So, have you heard that computers are going diskless?!  Craziness!  Luckily we found a vendor who offers flash drives so now your photos will be compatible with any computer!  Gotta keep up with the times, right?  They'll also be available for download if you prefer them "instantly", just make sure you back them up.  Another thing we've changed that goes along with the purchase of your digital images, is you'll be getting your very own photo app!  It is unbelievably cool.  You can share this app with anybody, and it can be viewed on any computer or Apple and Android devices, and you'll have it forever!  =)


Okay, one more thing.  This is the year that we are going to put forth some effort and try to get published!  Last year, we were published on Senior Style Guide and it was so exciting and humbling to be featured!  This is one of our major goals this year and what do you know..first month of the new year and the success has already begun!  Check out our latest on Inspire Me Baby.  Not only do we have to be on our game to get published, but so do you guys!!!  Calling all DIY Moms and Brides!  If you have any unique ideas, tell us so we can bring them to life and we can skyrocket our way to stardom together.  ;)


Can't wait to see what 2013 has in store!  Cheers to the New Year!  =)'s a link to my pinterest.  I'm a little  You can find anything from DIY stuff to make for your session, down to some inspirational photos that you may want to try for yourself.  Jacqui's is here.  ;)