Sooo... we've been really meaning to get a picture of us up on the website (for like more than a year now!).  While we haven't found time in our busy schedules to squeeze that in yet, we thought it might be fun to gather up the images we've captured of each other on our sessions and photo related escapades thus far.  Some are behind the scenes, us shooting coupled with the resulting shots.  Others are some funny outtakes that seem to happen when we are 'testing'.  The ones that really had us rolling though are the sort of 'where's waldo' shots where we ended up in the background of each others pictures and didn't really notice until we were compiling pictures for this post, lol.  Either way, here are a few of our favorites, 2010 to present.  This little project helped me to notice at least one thing.  I always look the same from behind, a hot mess!  Add to the list of resolutions for 2013:  Look better from behind!  Some of you can have a laugh at our expense, others can look back fondly on their super fun jac&jules experience, and for those of you who don't already know us it's time to finally put some faces (er, back of the head) to those names... introducing Jac & Jules! :)