This little guys was so content..awake for most of the session but so content!!  Mom had lots of props for us to use, too, which we love since the session becomes much more unique with your own stuff.  The caterpillar set was from Yarning To Be, the Yankees hat from 1beautifulhandmade, and the sleeper hat in the first couple of shots was from lizaliddell on Etsy (can't find her but maybe someone else can!  Lol).  Here's a peek at how their session went!newborn-01-jacnjules-photo.jpg newborn-02-jacnjules-photo.jpg newborn-03-jacnjules-photo.jpg newborn-04-jacnjules-photo.jpg newborn-05-jacnjules-photo.jpg newborn-06-jacnjules-photo.jpg newborn-07-jacnjules-photo.jpg newborn-08-jacnjules-photo.jpg newborn-09-jacnjules-photo.jpg newborn-10-jacnjules-photo.jpg