We have been loving our more candid and lifestyle shots and sessions and so decided that we wanted to start offering them in 2014.  Well, we needed some adorable models.  So we have this contest every year and this year we decide to change it up by offering a lifestyle session to the entrant with the best idea to show off what you would get by opting for this style of session.  We certainly got more than we bargained for, and had even more fun than we thought we would!  It was so awesome to be invited to spend the evening with this family!  We tended the garden doing a little watering, a little picking, and even a little drinking from the hose!  Then it was on to preparing and grilling dinner while the girls played on the swings and looked for frogs.  It ended with a wonderful family meal on the deck and of course s'mores!   We are really looking forward to capturing more families in their element... whatever that may be!  So come to us with your ideas, we'd love to hang with you!  These are the pages to their album by-the-way...we just couldn't narrow it down to single images, we really wanted to showcase their 'story'.  Enjoy!  :) jacnjules_annandale_nj_lifestyle_gardening_dinner_photographer_01jacnjules_annandale_nj_lifestyle_gardening_dinner_photographer_02jacnjules_annandale_nj_lifestyle_gardening_dinner_photographer_03jacnjules_annandale_nj_lifestyle_gardening_dinner_photographer_04jacnjules_annandale_nj_lifestyle_gardening_dinner_photographer_05jacnjules_annandale_nj_lifestyle_gardening_dinner_photographer_06jacnjules_annandale_nj_lifestyle_gardening_dinner_photographer_07jacnjules_annandale_nj_lifestyle_gardening_dinner_photographer_08jacnjules_annandale_nj_lifestyle_gardening_dinner_photographer_09jacnjules_annandale_nj_lifestyle_gardening_dinner_photographer_10jacnjules_annandale_nj_lifestyle_gardening_dinner_photographer_11jacnjules_annandale_nj_lifestyle_gardening_dinner_photographer_12jacnjules_annandale_nj_lifestyle_gardening_dinner_photographer_13