Meet my sister's new baby girl, Autumn!  I may be a little biased, but isn't she adorable?!  Trying to do a newborn session on my own, without Jacqui's help, was quite the task, I must say!  Now I know how she felt with her nephew's session!  I think she did really well, and am quite proud of what we accomplished.  :)  It was good practice for when my baby comes.  ;)  Yup, some of you may have heard already...I haven't announced it via social media yet because I was trying to think of something creative to do but "ain't nobody got time fo' 'dat!"  Lol.  Too busy photographing our wonderful clients but I do need to set some time aside and catch up on some personal projects of mine.  I actually have a very important blog post coming up about stay tuned!  =)   Nice kool-aid face, Kay!  :p