We had an absolutely gorgeous couple..stunning..a gorgeous venue at Ninety Acres, and a wet, rainy, cold winter day.  I always get a little nervous when they call for rain for an entire wedding day and it didn't let up, but thankfully these guys weren't afraid to go outside to get a couple of epic rain shots!  If it's going to rain, why not make the best of it.  You can hide inside all you want, but looking back on your photos, you can at least say yes it rained, and I got photos I would not have on any given gorgeous day!  We wound up using lights and staying inside for the bridal party, it would have been quite a production during cocktail hour to get everybody out there and stay somewhat dry, so while it's not the style you're used to seeing from us, these are things that can happen on a wedding day and we are fully prepared!  It' always fun to step out of your box a little (in our case, our natural light portrait box), it keeps things fresh and unique!  Very happy for these guys and their adorable, ever-so-handsome son.  <3

Hair and Makeup by Beauty On Location NJ