This family holds a very special place in our hearts.  Back in November we photographed newborn photos for their twins.  After a 3 month battle, Domenica was called home to God to be her sisters Guardian Angel.  You can follow their story on Facebook.  Mom wanted to incorporate Domenica into these 6 month photos of her sister, Giulietta (Gia), which you'll get to see at the end of this post.  Gia had her sisters toy, and I merged a newborn photo of Domenica into the sky.  I know she was looking down on her, so it seemed perfect.  Gia is just the happiest, cutest, most lovable little girl in this entire world.  This is so hard for me to write, sometimes life truly isn't fair.  Gia is very lucky to have 2 parents that have so much love to give, and I'm sure Domenica will live through her as she grows old. <3jacnjules photographs a baby at beachwood beach in ocean county njocean-county-baby-photographer-photo.jpg_0020.jpgocean-county-baby-photographer-photo.jpg_0021.jpgThese colors are just so stinkin' pretty!  And so is that face!ocean-county-baby-photographer-photo.jpg_0022.jpgI can't take it...  I just want to squeeze her!ocean-county-baby-photographer-photo.jpg_0023.jpgI love that we've been to this location 100 times, and still find new ways and spots to shoot there. :)ocean-county-baby-photographer-photo.jpg_0024.jpgocean-county-baby-photographer-photo.jpg_0025.jpgocean-county-baby-photographer-photo.jpg_0026.jpgI mean, come on.  Baby chub!  So in love...ocean-county-baby-photographer-photo.jpg_0027.jpgocean-county-baby-photographer-photo.jpg_0028.jpgHere she is with Domenica's toy...ocean-county-baby-photographer-photo.jpg_0029.jpgAnd here is that same photo with her sister looking down on her <3ocean-county-baby-photographer-photo.jpg_0030.jpgIt saddens me to think that she won't know her twin sister, but through photographs, she will at least be able to see her from time to time.  As photographers you really don't understand the gift we give or the power we have, until something like this happens.  It's quite humbling.