On Dec. 8th, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Josie Kathleen <3  It happens to be the same day as Jacqui's son, Miles' birthday, too!  Annddd the day of our last job for the year, which I obviously couldn't make.  Jacqui actually thought I was kidding when I texted her that morning to tell her I "thought" I was in labor..lol.  Like, could it really be this day?!  She came to visit me in the hospital only about an hour after delivery (not knowing it had only been an hour) and took some shots for me, and brought me the hat she crocheted for her pictures.  :)  Once I came home, I pretty much immediately started her newborn session at 3 days old, and did another at 7 days, and another at 8 days, and another at 9 days and another at 11 days, annnddd yet another when she was 4 weeks, then I ditched the backgrounds and bean bag and began shooting a little more lifestyle.  :)  Well, enough blabbering..let's get to the pictures!

This is the first time she opened her eyes. Looks like she's saying "Ahhhhh where am I?!"We look like such concerned parents, don't we??3 days old, posed on my bed-no special beanbag or lights (which means anyone can do that!).  And I really have to figure out where I got this headband from!ocean-county-new-jersey-newborn-baby-photographer-10-jacnjules-photo.jpgThese are when she was 7 days old. Just chillin'.ocean-county-new-jersey-newborn-baby-photographer-jacnjules-photo.jpgLove those lips!  She's doin' the Dr. Evil..lolocean-county-new-jersey-newborn-baby-photographer-02-jacnjules-photo.jpgocean-county-new-jersey-newborn-baby-photographer-21-jacnjules-photo.jpgocean-county-new-jersey-newborn-baby-photographer-04-jacnjules-photo.jpgLet me just tell you…that snowman pose is HARD to get right!  8 days old here.ocean-county-new-jersey-newborn-baby-photographer-05-jacnjules-photo.jpgOMG Love.  We are not known for using background setups (aside from the blankets for newborns), but I HAD to come up with something for my winter baby!  <3  9 days old.ocean-county-new-jersey-newborn-baby-photographer-06-jacnjules-photo.jpgWhat do you think of the banner I made?  Do you love?  ;)  And here's the hat Jacqui made!ocean-county-new-jersey-newborn-baby-photographer-07-jacnjules-photo.jpg11 days old below.ocean-county-new-jersey-newborn-baby-photographer-08-jacnjules-photo.jpgAll four kids.  Yes.  Four.  :)  On Christmas Eve.ocean-county-new-jersey-newborn-baby-photographer-09-jacnjules-photo.jpgYou know I had to put her in front of the tree for one!  She's 24 days old here to be exact.  ;)ocean-county-new-jersey-newborn-baby-photographer-11-jacnjules-photo.jpgThis photo right here.  Ugh.  It just melts my heart.  Marley is a big sister now.  :)ocean-county-new-jersey-newborn-baby-photographer-12-jacnjules-photo.jpgExactly one month below. ocean-county-new-jersey-newborn-baby-photographer-16-jacnjules-photo.jpgocean-county-new-jersey-newborn-baby-photographer-17-photo.jpgocean-county-new-jersey-newborn-baby-photographer-15-jacnjules-photo.jpgocean-county-new-jersey-newborn-baby-photographer-18-jacnjules-photo.jpgHere's a shot I knew I really wanted.  Well my first attempt didn't go so well when I handed my 6yr old daughter the camera to shoot it for me while I held her!  Went to Jacqui for her assistance and it turned out great.  :)ocean-county-new-jersey-newborn-baby-photographer-19-photo.jpgStarting her young at only 6 weeks!  ;) ocean-county-creative-newborn-photographer-jacnjules-photo.jpg"Reading makes me sleepy!"ocean-county-creative-newborn-photographer-02-jacnjules-photo.jpghello :)ocean-county-creative-newborn-photographer-04-jacnjules-photo.jpg7 weeks with her big sisterlifestyle-photographer-in-nj-jacnjules-photo.jpg2 months below.  I'm going to do this at 4 and 6 months also, to see how much and how fast she has grown.  :) lifestyle-photographer-in-nj-02-jacnjules-photo.jpglifestyle-photographer-in-nj-03-jacnjules-photo.jpgocean-county-nj-newborn-photographer-jacnjules-photo.jpgnj-newborn-baby-photographer-lifestyle-jacnjules-photo.jpgAs I've been photographing her these past 2 months, I'm realizing how much I LOVE the lifestyle photography.  These photos at the end and the ones at the hospital mean so much to me.  I'm loving her expressions and seeing her personality with her eyes open, how tiny she is compared to a book and her in my arms…  It's so different photographing a newborn as her mom first, and a photographer second!  I think those truly showcase this time in her and our lives... Don't be surprised if Jac&Jules takes a turn around the bend in the near future.  :)

<3 Jules

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