We had the privelage of photographing Ryan, the sweetest newborn baby boy and his family with their dog, Murphy, at their home in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.  There was such gorgeous light and he was so content, we could have photographed this family all day long! And with that full head of hair, I just wanted to take him home with me. :)point-pleasant-beach-newborn-photographer.jpgpoint-pleasant-beach-newborn-photographer.jpgJust the cutest profile ever!point-pleasant-beach-newborn-photographer.jpgCheck out big brother, Murphy! :) point-pleasant-beach-newborn-photographer.jpgPerfection.point-pleasant-beach-newborn-photographer.jpgSecond shooter point of view^ ;)point-pleasant-beach-newborn-photographer.jpgLove shots like this that show how tiny this little guy really is^point-pleasant-beach-newborn-photographer.jpg_0045.jpgYeah.  2 smiles in a row :)point-pleasant-beach-newborn-photographer.jpgpoint-pleasant-beach-newborn-photographer.jpgpoint-pleasant-beach-newborn-photographer.jpgpoint-pleasant-beach-newborn-photographer.jpgI am SO happy this shot worked out!  And he smirked AGAIN!point-pleasant-beach-newborn-photographer.jpgpoint-pleasant-beach-newborn-photographer.jpgWho doesn't love tiny baby feet?!point-pleasant-beach-newborn-photographer.jpgI mean..the light.  Shot 2 different ways and both are so gorg! point-pleasant-beach-newborn-photographer.jpgDon't forget to hit "like" to let us know you were here! :)