What an amazing session we had with Mom, Dad and little Reese at Beachwood Beach!  We had the honor of photographing her as a newborn and when Mom contacted us for her first birthday, I was thrilled!  She was such an angel and this session was no different.  You can't even tell how chilly it was!  What a happy little girl and we look forward to watching her grow!  Happy birthday, Reese!  <3

first-birthday-pictures-jacnjules-photo.jpg first-birthday-beachwood-beach-02-jacnjules-photo.jpg family-beachwood-beach-jacnjules-02-photo.jpg jac&jules_0390 jac&jules_0391 family-pictures-beachwood-beach-nj-jacnjules-photo.jpg first-birthday-beachwood-beach-jacnjules-03-photo.jpg family-at-beachwood-beach-nj-jacnjules-04-photo.jpg jac&jules_0395 jac&jules_0396 jac&jules_0397 first-birthday-photographer-beachwood-beach-jacnjules-photo.jpg first-birthday-at-beachwood-beach-nj-jacnjules-06-photo.jpg jac&jules_0400 jac&jules_0401 first-birthday-smash-cake-jacnjules-photo.jpg jac&jules_0403

here's this sweet little girl as a newbie <3