The totally Jersey Fresh "Slip" was shot (er, that sounds bad... photographed) right in MeeMom's garden here in Toms River, NJ.  I think he might be the most handsome little jersey devil we've shot this year... but then again he is my nephew, so I may be slightly biased!  Everyone keeps asking me (family included) "What's with Slip, I thought his name was Louis?", well let me explain so everyone is in the know, lol!  When my SIL told my niece Mila (a.k.a. big sis) that she was having a boy and asked her what they should name it Mila responded "Slip!".  Now most 3/4 year olds would change their minds like their underwear, but not my Mila Moo.  She has not wavered on the name since the first time she was asked.  Actually as the due date drew closer, and Mom and Dad were still undecided, we may have tried to convince them that Slip was a perfectly acceptable name ;)  It was clear that no matter what his name was... he would surely be Slip, and so he is.  I'm not sure I've heard him called by his real name yet!  His nickname is now actually sprouting full versions such as Slippery, Slipper, etc.  And completely living up to the hype, he managed to slip a poop right into my hand during our session!  Well now that you know, here are his pics!  Congrats to Mom, Dad, and the most incredible and gorgeous big sister in the world Camila :)  We were cut short because of the rain so there might be a take 2 on this one!  Enjoy!