These photos are from an an amazing senior portrait session that we did with Sara at Double Trouble State park, one of our favorite locations!

Sara is such a cool chick.  She's a senior at Manasquan High School, but she is not your typical teenager.  We wanted to explore Double Trouble a little bit which involved a 10 minute walk back to a gorgeous lake.  We walked and talked, and Sara just exuded this cool easy-going energy that made her seem wise beyond her years... and made her a dream to photograph!  We found so many hidden gems back there and she just modeled her little butt off while we shot, experimented, chatted, and had an all around fabulous time.  If all High School Seniors are this much fun, we can't wait to do more!  Thanks so much for letting us be a part of such a great time in your life.  Good luck and have so much fun in Rhode Island this fall!!!

Take a look at some of our favorite photos from Wednesday's session at Double Trouble State park below!  We love reading your comments, so don't forget to drop a line!  Do you have a favorite??


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