We've been talking a lot about shooting weddings with other photographers.  It's a great opportunity to get to see things from a different perspective, build relationships in the photography community, experiment and learn without the responsibility of being the main,  and most importantly have fun!  We finally got our chance, and with a wedding photographer that we absolutely adore!  This wedding was shot with the lovely Vanessa Joy at Vannessa Joy Photography or "The Vanessa" as her second shooter John affectionally refers to her ;)  We've done some mentoring and a workshop with Vanessa in the past and I have to say it is always an absolute pleasure.  She is constantly sharing her experience, giving back to the photography community and is admired by both clients and peers alike.  It is such an honor to have the chance to see her in action and learn from both her and her team.  It was a challenge to have to see things from another angle, and certainly difficult to decide where  I wanted to be quickly enough to figure out the settings and at the same time try not to photo-bomb the main or the second!  Thanks so much guys, hopefully we get to work with you in the future.  Enjoy!  ~jac