We are always looking for resources for brides and we thought what better way than to get some advice from top wedding professionals. We asked wedding make up artist Eva Gerapetritis how to make the most of your wedding day makeup. We absolutely love working with Eva and her team at Make Me Up Eva, so we thought who better to ask! Her brides are always looking flawless and she and her artists have such a great relationship with their clients. Without further ado, here’s what Eva had to say!

prepping your skin for the wedding day

SO! I always tell my brides to start their skincare months prior to the wedding. HYDRATION is key! Make sure you are moisturizing night & day so your skin is nice and prepped for the wedding day. We can only make the makeup look as good as what is going on UNDER the makeup…hydrate, sleep, moisturize!

Don't try any new products leading up to the wedding, especially the night before/day of. Use a gentle cleanser & moisturizer, no makeup!

how many makeup artists you need and how much time it will take

One artist is able to do up to 8 makeup applications. 7/8 people is the breaking point of 1-2 artists depending on the time. MAKE SURE YOU GET THE PROPER END TIME FROM YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER! (one of the many reasons we LOVE her, haha!)

You should plan 45 minutes per girl (bridesmaid, mom, etc.), and 1 hour for the bride. You should also alot 20 minutes for touch ups.

* Jac&Jules chiming in to say that depending on your timeline, you can see how even though you may only have 7 girls you might want to hire additional makeup artists… if you don’t want to start getting ready at 7am!

having good inspiration and realistic expectations

Looking for inspiration online is GREAT, however make sure you are aware of what you are looking at. 99% of photos on Instagram and Pinterest are photoshopped, so make sure you have a realistic expectation. Look more for colors that catch your eye, lashes that catch your eye, intensity etc. Don’t concentrate so much the smooth skin factor as it is most likely photoshopped.

picking the best look and shades for your skin

Definitely look for inspiration in looks that are on someone whose features are similar to yours. If you have brown hair and dark eyes, look at pictures of makeup on girls with brown hair and dark eyes. Communicate with your makeup artist on what you typically wear day to day. This lets your artist give you a more professional and photographable version of that look and it is catered specifically to you! You will still feel like yourself - just more glamorous! 

when to trust youR MUA and let her do her thing

If you have worked with your artist before (maybe a bridesmaid in a wedding), or have received tons of referrals - trust your artist! If the artist is totally brand new to you make sure you are clear cut about what you are looking for, and more importantly what you are NOT looking for, when it comes to your makeup look. This is why trials are SO useful.

*Jac&Jules interjecting here to say that your engagement session is a GREAT day to do your makeup trial! You can give the look a true test run and seeing it photographed will really put you at ease or let you know what you want to tweak for the big day.

dos, don’ts and things you wish people knew

Timing - Your whole entire day comes down to timing. Make sure you are communicating with your photographer and understanding the time they want you finished with hair and makeup. The first look is not the time for makeup to be finished!

Airbrush - Airbrush is not a magic tool and is very specific to your skin type.

Tanning- Spray tans, I love them 3 days out! You want to make sure you do them far enough ahead to wash the first layer off. A spray tan is great for evening out bad tan lines on the body!! A real tanning bed is a NO GO for me. It will make your skin super dry and potentially red!

Lashes - Get the lashes! They are 10000% the game changer!

be sure to check out our next post on choosing a getting ready location!