After we'd received the news about 3rd shooting for Vanessa, another opportunity to 2nd shoot came up.  Frequently photographers are looking for 2nd shooters, but since we are doing this purely for the experience and not the paycheck, we always look at the photographers work and style and only really respond if it is close to ours and we'd be excited to work with them.  That's not too often, and when they come up you can imagine that a lot of other people want to shoot with them as well.  Luckily I got this one with Daniel Konkel at DanielJPhotography and I am so thrilled I did!  I was smitten when I visited Daniels site, and immediately wanted to work with him and responded.  The couple, Kelly and Max, were so adorable, and the venue was beautiful.  Endless opportunities for great shots!  I even got some help with my off camera lighting... Sweeeet!!  Thank you so much Daniel for having faith in me and making my first job as a second shooter a wonderful one!  Hopefully we get to work together again :) Enjoy!  ~jac