We first spoke to this mom back in March about her newborn session.  As many of you know though, baby #2 blows through the household like a hurricane, and well let's just say a photo shoot wasn't fitting into little miss Lil's 'schedule' ;)  We collectively decided it would be good to wait until she was sitting up for her to make her modeling debut.  Needless to say, this session that was 7 months in the making, was totally worth waiting for.  Lil and her big sis turned out to be total hams, mom was very easy going, and even dad was pretty tolerant of our antics.  Maybe it was because he liked us, or because mom let him bring a couple friends.  I guess we'll never know!  Word has it that Chuck had such a fabulous time that he is now available to doggie-handle... umm, for a price, hehe.