Here we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions!

Where are you located?

  • The Jersey Shore, baby!  But we do travel far and wide, with a starting out-of-state fee of $175.

How many images do you take?

  • We take an unlimited number of photos, but we do cull down to show you the best of the day.  We believe in quality over quantity and therefor don't overwhelm you with blinks, test shots, etc.  Weddings average 600-900 depending on how many hours we are commissioned, portrait sessions average 30-50.

Are the digital images included?

  • Yes, delivered via USB with a print release and lab recommendations.

Do I need to put down a deposit?

  • Yes.  With a session it's $200, and with a wedding, it's a flat rate of $750 no matter which package you go with.  This and a signed contract/agreement secures your date.

How far in advance can I book?

  • We book weddings up to 2 years in advance, and weekend sessions and parties or smaller events up to 3 months in advance.  It's best to book at least 4 weeks in advance for summer sessions.

How long will it take to receive the images?

  • A wedding could take up to 6 weeks, usually sooner, and a session could take up to 2 weeks, although sessions typically don't take longer than a week.  Please keep in mind that this timeframe is to see your online gallery, and that prints and other products will take longer depending on the order and shipping.  The shipping time is about 7-10 business days although specialty items may require additional time.

Is there a second shooter and if so, who will that be?

  • Both Jacqui and myself will be photographing the wedding!  We even strive to be at every single session, although some sessions don't required a child wrangler or second camera.  So yes, in most cases you will even have a second shooter at your session!  Obviously there are unforeseen circumstances that will warrant us to hire out a different second shooter for your wedding, but rest assured, they will match our style and brand so that you will get exactly what you are coming to us for.

What equipment do you use?

  • We shoot Canon, and have various focal lengths to work in any given situation.  We shoot as wide as 35mm and as long as 200mm.  A list would include 2 Canon Mark IV's, 2 Canon Mark iii's, 2 35mm, 2 50mm, 85mm, 135mm, 2 70-200mm, and extension tubes for the ring shots (most are L series lenses).  We are also equipped with 6 Canon 600EX flashes, modifiers, etc.  And yes, this plenty enough gear to back us up should something fail!  We even have dual card slots for even more piece of mind.  

Are all the images edited?  What about retouching?

  • Yup!  Always.  We do enhance each image we show you to reflect a natural, timeless color tone, and we will do minor retouching on any portraits or other photos that we see necessary at no addition charge.

What about black and whites?

  • Our goal is to show you everything in color and provide certain images with a black and white version.  Sometimes, we see a situation that warrants the photo to be black and white and we will shoot for that, so you may not see it in color (it's rare, but it does happen).

Do you have insurance?

  • Yes.  And we can provide you with documentation if the venue requires it.

Can I see, choose from, or purchase the RAW (unedited) files?

  • In most cases, we do not release the RAW files.  With the purchase of the digital images, they are all high resolution, enhanced jpegs ready to print, and include a print release and lab recommendations to ensure you get the best quality possible when printing on your own.  The copyright still remains with Jac & Jules, which means you cannot use them for profit, submit them for publication, or claim you took them, for example.  There is also to be no further editing without a release from us.

Do you take shot lists?

  • It can be helpful for extended family sessions and for a wedding, we require a list for family formals.  We don't need to be told to photograph the flowers, the bride coming down the aisle, etc.  In general, if you have a prop you want to incorporate, or that one shot that's a must have, let us know.  Our job and our style, is to photograph the relationships between two people or family members, both candid and posed, and each client and their relationships are unique and we want to showcase that in a natural way.  Personalities, capability, ages, lighting, and more, are taken into consideration when deciding what will work best in the time we have allotted.  Rest assured, we will make the best, professional decision to determine the best poses, lighting and backgrounds for each unique situation.

What about Pinterest?

  • Ok, I am addicted to Pinterest for other reasons than pictures, so I get it.  When it comes to Pinterest, we look at your Pinterest boards as INSPIRATION, so yes, feel free to share with us!  BUT, we cannot promise any specific image to be duplicated or replicated.  You have to realize that you are coming to us because you like what we do...for our creative and artistic abilities and storytelling approach...and we work with whatever circumstances we are in, which can and do differ greatly from one wedding to the next.  Most Pinterest boards are a compilation of one awesome image from multiple weddings or sessions, so it's nearly impossible to replicate each one pin for one client and still keep the experience/story/photos authentic.  Authenticity is something we really strive for..the real stuff...and who knows, it can lead to the next big "pin" on Pinterest!

I really like your natural light style, but what if it rains or I have a nighttime wedding?

  • Portrait sessions will be rescheduled if we feel we cannot shoot due to the weather.  When it comes to weddings which can't be rescheduled, we are equipped and pride ourselves in being able to work in any given situation.  We do prefer the natural light look, however as professionals, we will use whatever tool necessary to accomplish the task at hand (such as lights).  Also, please consider why you are coming to us.  There are ways to make it look sunny on a rainy wedding day, but keep in mind that if you are having a nighttime wedding and do not want to do a first look before sunset, you will not have any photos that reflect the style we showcase on our website, therefor we may not be the photographer for you.  We will also be happy to show you a full gallery so you can see what could happen in this situation.

Have more questions?  Contact us!