Meet Jacqui


“Hey everyone!  Well, I am the talkative one, so let me try to keep this under control 😉  I always thought I’d end up living somewhere else, tropical, exotic, laid back, but no matter where my life and travels took me something always brought me back to good ol’ Toms River, NJ… it was my giant, crazy (yet super awesome) family.  I now have 3 boys, well 4 if you count my husband, and I love watching them grow up like I did with all of their aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and everyone else contributing to their childhood.    There are 2 things my mother always told me I should do either cut hair, or take pictures.  But just like choosing where I wanted to live, it took me a few years of wasting my hard earned $$ to realize that she was right.  Luckily for me it was Holiday time and the local portrait studio was practically begging people to work there.  Somewhere in the 8 years I worked there I was lucky enough to meet Jules (I mean, how often is it that you find someone who’s as energetic as you are, and also doesn’t drink coffee?!).  While it was already apparent that I wanted to take away more from this experience than most of my co-workers, it was not the case with her.  I loved the competitive edge she brought to the table as we constantly tried to 1-up each other.  Instead of being a catty work rivalry, we actually enjoyed helping each other to become better, and look for the fun new trends in portraits.  That’s what ultimately led us to discover this world of custom photography, and leave the tired local studio in the dust… and the rest is history!!!  Even with the most difficult session I’m always excited with the challenge to get those great shots. Since it turns out that family is SO important to me, I love being able to preserve the fun and happy times so that when our families and couples are busy living their everyday lives they can catch a glimpse of that portrait on the wall and they are reminded of how much they love each other, and why they’re pluggin’ along 😉 ”    ~Jacqui