Our Approach

Our approach with wedding photography is very relaxed yet organized. We keep our couples and their families as stress free as possible so everyone can enjoy the day! We tend to fade into the background when it’s time to document, yet we have no problem stepping in when it’s time. Lighting is one of the most essential aspects of photography and we believe creating photos using natural light lets us photograph you in a genuine way. Getting to know important family members and friends is also crucial to us. These are the key players in your life so understanding your relationship with them will also allow us photograph your day in the best way possible!



WHEN WE FIRST ARRIVE to the girls’ getting ready location, we begin photographing the details. While we are not “detail-heavy” photographers, we understand that a lot of planning went into your wedding, and including every little detail is important! Beginning with details also helps us fade into the background (you kind of forget we’re even there!) and we get to know the area we’ll be working in. Once we are finished, we’ll photograph some finishing touches on your makeup, move onto a fun photo of you and the bridesmaids and get dressed! We try not to stage moments during the getting ready, although we may put you in the best light in the room or suggest a place to get dressed. This ensures you will get the light and bright photographs you’re used to seeing from us!

IF YOU’RE DOING A FIRST LOOK, we will organize everything. The place, the timing, making sure he doesn’t see you beforehand, etc. Of course we will take your thoughts into consideration but if you have no preference, we will take care of it! Using longer lenses keeps you from feeling like you’re being photographed and you can both feel in the moment and let your emotions run wild!

FOR THE CEREMONY we like to use longer lenses as well, to get up close and personal without the need to actually get up close. We REALLY don’t want your guests to notice us. We respect the specific rules at churches and we circle outdoor ceremonies like we are about to attack our prey. Don’t worry, we still manage to keep it low key. ;)

FAMILY FORMAL PHOTOS are very organized, going off of a list that you provide and we try to get everyone in and out as fast as possible without sacrificing any breakdowns or posing qualities. Whether you realize it yet or not, family photos are some of the most important photos of the day. Someday your kids or nieces and nephews are going to look through your album and know those people!

PORTRAIT TIME with your bridal party can be organized on-site or off-site. No matter where we go, we are always looking for the best light for natural, soft looking photos with even lighting. We typically start with the entire bridal party posed, walking, laughing, etc. We’ll photograph just the girls and just the guys formally and having fun! You’ll often spot us in the bushes like it’s our natural habitat, or laying on the ground, climbing cliffs… all to get the best angles and the most variety! The last portion of portrait time is usually of just the two of you. We’ll guide you with posing but in between poses is where the real magic happens!

COCKTAIL HOUR is when we’ll photograph the reception room before guests enter, if time allows.

RECEPTION is when the real documenting begins. We like to handle all photo requests prior to the reception so you don’t feel like you’re always needed by your photographers. This is a time for celebration so we want you to enjoy it as much as possible! If sunset will be during reception, we would love to sneak you away to enjoy a few moments alone in the most glorious lighting of the day. It’s such a romantic setting and gives you a moment to breathe while getting you a few more frame-worthy photos during golden hour!

We know most of our clients are busy professionals and don’t have time to meet with all their vendors, so if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to email us!

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Our suggested timeline can be found on our blog. This will tell you how much time we recommend for each part of the day!